Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I just had to add something here.  It's an easy and economic little trick that can save you money and keep you warm while looking stylish.

This is a little ribbed sweater I found in my local thrift shop, on the 1.00 rack.  A lot of thrift shops have racks like this to get rid of older stock.  
Cute little funnel neck, with raglan sleeves, isn't it?  It's a pretty good quality item and must have originally had a higher end price.

I cut it up.

So now I have a dickie:

You may think dickies are for nerds and out-of-style, but they could still come in handy, depending on your needs.

I'll show you in a minute.  Hang in there.

That's not all.

I also cut the sleeves off:

They can be used as leg warmers and they can be used as long mitts.  Long mitts can come in handy if you have long arms (like me) and you want to cover your wrists down to the knuckles under another sweater.  They can keep you warm too.

I am still not done.

When I cut off the funnel neck, I was left with a wide band that looks like a tube top:
This is actually my original purpose for cutting these up.  (I just told you that I do this a lot!)

You may be familiar with wearing a shorter sweater and then bending over and showing the world the waistband of your panties or thong, along with some skin.  Well, this can do away with that, keeping you comfortable and warm and still well-put-together, as such:

Just add the funnel neck, and you get this:

See what I mean?  It takes the bulk out of wearing another shirt or turtleneck under your cropped top.  Also, I know there have been ads on TV that sell these waistband-thingies or whatever you want to call them.  You know the ones I mean? The ones that always say "BUT WAIT!!"
This way, it's a lot cheaper and you get a bit more than just the waist-thingie.

OK.  That's all I wanted to add. 

Addendum done!

Next post:  "Wearing Damaged Vintage"  (oh yes you can!) 

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