Sunday, September 14, 2014

Be a Stickler

One of my fellow vintage-clothing-sellers on Etsy, Liz, from PassionateFlea, put a note about me in her (equally amusing) blog:
She called me a “stickler” for getting dates right on what’s in my shop.

I love that word.

I want everyone to be a stickler, so I try my best to teach vintage clothing-buyers/wearers/lovers how not to get stiffed.

I am a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild.   (I think it took me 4 tries over a year)  In the interim, I just kept learning and learning until I got this stuff right.  This kind of validation was always important to me and I thought I had it down pat, but I learned that I didn’t.  (Actually we never do, there’s always something to learn out there….)
So nowadays I do not list anything until I know exactly how old it is, and I’m able to substantiate that if I’m ever challenged.

There is so much info on the Internet to help with this, but some of it is not reliable.  You want reliable?  Go to the Vintage Fashion Guild site:
You can check labels there:
Learn about fabrics:
…and a lot more.
There are so many ways to validate vintage.  I’ll eventually get to all of them.  This is just a start.

Want something unique that no one else has?  Vintage clothing can be a great inspiration, a great start-up for your imagination.  There are several items to inspire at LunaJunction.  I have a lot more coming in the next few weeks.

Oh look!  Here comes one now:

Halloween Idea - Vintage Satin Gown - 1940s Green Satin Costume - As Is - Small Size

I meant for that to be a little creepy....

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