Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The new thing at Luna Junction today is a very simple gown.  Many would just say it’s boring.  Of course it had to be styled 2 ways.  Once for the traditionalists:

And then there’s MY way:

This is much more interesting, don’t you think?  
A fedora is not the type of hat you would think of putting with a gown like this.  If I had a nice sparkly infinity scarf, I would have added that too.   The effect makes one take a second look at the gown, no?

Speaking of fedoras, the one on the model is vintage, a stingy brim, but I have several in my shop, some with their original hatboxes.

This brings up that whole thing about when a woman should wear a fedora, because heaven knows everyone is wearing them right now, from teenagers to….well….women of a certain age, and it can get redundant and predictable.
I hate that word....
......"predictable"................THAT word.

I wear the one in the photos above, but these things are just getting around too much, so I am really picky about what I pair it with.
One’s first (BORRRR-rring) thought is to pair it with something frilly. 

I don’t do “frilly”.

How about wearing one with something Asian?  Not a cheongsam dress, but maybe a kimono jacket with a tube top or tank top under it??  
...and pants, don't forget pants! 
Or shorts. 
Or capris.

Maybe an Asian jacket with a Mandarin collar?? 
They look swell with a sleeveless Asian blouse, too (or one with sleeves).
Wearing it with the right military look is a bit unexpected. 
Then there’s the old "long-Boho-top" over flowy wide leg pants.
A Mandarin collar brocade vest and skinny jeans?
PEOPLE, IT'S BORING OUT THERE!  Lobby against "predictable".
(who said that?!!!) 
OK, I'll calm down.    
Hey, young people can get away with so much more, but so many young girls let the hat wear them.   Making it look like you were born with that hat on not easy....
Live "outside the box".  Make it your new address....

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